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Want Some Help Your With Email Marketing?

We help business owners like you turn email marketing into a

Lead and Revenue Generating Resource.

If you’d like me to consult with you on email strategy… help you automate your email marketing… or even hire me to create a bespoke email campaign for you from scratch, then read on…

Each month, I only have availability to take on one (maybe two) new clients.

And if you’d like to be one of those people, then in a moment I’m going to ask you to fill out an application to work with me.

But there’s a few things you should know.

I have a very particular skill set.

And I can only get results for clients who fit a certain set of criteria.

I’m not trying to ‘power frame’ you or use scarcity or do any of that other positioning bullshit.

I’m just trying to be upfront with you. I don’t want either of us to waste each other’s time if I don’t think we’re going to be a good fit.

And I think that’s only fair.

Now, then…

Let me explain a little more about who I can help…

Here's who I can help

I’m really good at helping clients achieve great results with their email marketing if they meet a very specific set of criteria:

1. You need to have an email list. Otherwise, my skills won’t be of much use to you.

2. You need to have a list of subscribers who have opted-in for your emails. I do NOT do cold email campaigns or work with rented or purchased lists.

3. You have to be actively trying to grow your email list. And if you need help in this area, I have a network of media buyers and list growth experts who we might be able to loop in.

4. You have to have a good product. I cannot make a shitty product sell. I’m not a miracle worker and I can’t turn a product that nobody wants into a winner.

5. You need to have some team members who can help you implement the campaigns I create for you. I’m not going to go into your software and push all the right buttons for you.

6. You need to be making money. I think this should be kind of obvious: I am not going to build your business from scratch for you.

7. You need to be cool. Not like, Fonzie cool. But you need to be a good person and someone I enjoy communicating with. So if anyone has ever called you a sociopath or an ego-maniac... or if you’re incredibly stubborn and you already know everything, then I don’t want to work with you. I like to think I’m an easy dude to work with. But if you’re a dick, then I’m not going to extend you an invitation to work with me.

Here's What I Can Help You With

I’m really good at helping clients achieve great results with their email marketing if they meet a very specific set of criteria:

  • Email strategy & planning
  • Autoresponders/automated sequences
  • Behavior-driven email funnels
  • Large-scale Product Launches & Launch Planning
  • E-commerce email automations & funnels
  • Email copy coaching & copy chiefing
  • Need something different? Just ask. (As long as it’s email marketing related, I might be able to help)

Here's How It Works

1. Tell Us What You Sell

Simply tell us what kind of product you sell and the target market you sell to.

2. We Write Your Email Copy

We'll use our proprietary process to craft you irresistible sales emails that don't suck.

3. We Map Out Your Sequencing

We'll give you a blueprint on when to trigger each email to send based on timing and behaviors.

4. You Press Send And Profit

We'll give you the copy and sequencing map on a silver platter. You just upload to your ESP, press send and profit.

Here’s What To Do Now

If you have read this entire page and are cool with all that, then please click the button below and fill out an application.

Once you fill out that application on the next page, I will review it as soon as I can. And after it’s reviewed, one of two things will happen:

1. I will reach out to you and schedule a call for us to talk further about your project.

2. If I can’t help you, I will reach out to my network and find someone who might be a better fit.

Click the link below to schedule/apply to work with me:

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